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I've come to find that I can't be defined.

kelli gray . 1991

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You’re as fake as they get, your kind never seems to fade out
You said you would be there and now you’re nowhere to be found
So I’ll take your words, and shove ‘em down your throat
Make you realize what you are, nothing but a piece of shit

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Criminal Instinct 

demo tape on well-fed
UB2013 promo tape


To the “fans” that left and said that One Direction was done after the third album


I got two hands, one beating heart, 
And I’ll be alright

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The Illuminator projected this near the Brooklyn Bridge in solidarity with the people of Ferguson.


To the anon that wanted to see all my hair colors. 

I believe these are all of them. I could be wrong though, these are just the ones saved on my computer. (this is pt.1 next is all curly/kinky pictures)



Anonymous Asked:
You are such an amazing individual. Not to mention, you're gorgeous!

My answer:

Wow. Thank you so much!!!💖

I saw Life of Agony tonight. What the fuck did you do


One of my favorites. This album is phenomenal.

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Last Nights Selfie 💙💎

My baby!!!!!

Papa Smurf! Oh how I’ve missed you 😁😁😘

I love it Nay!


An Emotional Second Marriage in Tennessee

Toni Withers and Samuel Stewart, Jr. were both widowed after having been married for many years, but when they met at a friend’s karaoke party there was instant chemistry.  They discovered that they were both very family-oriented and loved karaoke, music, and dancing.

After a period of dating, Toni and Samuel were positive that true love had found them again, and they had a beautiful, standing room only wedding in front of over 300 family members and friends.



a ferocious beast