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ive watched this probably 40 times


That was unexpected


House dressed as a house painting a house on a house



HAIM ft. A$AP Ferg: My Song 5

with a bunch of guest stars including Ke$ha, Vanessa Bayer, and Artemis from It’s Always Sunny.

And grimes


.. And Big Sean but GRIMES
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Grimes | Genesis

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"14-year-old Parkview High School Freshman, Caleb Christian was concerned about the number of incidents of police abuse in the news.  Still, he knew there were many good police officers in various communities, but had no way of figuring out which communities were highly rated and which were not.  

So, together with his two older sisters: Parkview High School senior Ima Christian, and Gwinnett School of Math, Science, and Technology sophomore, Asha Christian, they founded a mobile app development company– Pinetart Inc., under which they created a mobile app called Five-O.

Five-O, allows citizens to enter the details of every interaction with a police officer.  It also allows them to rate that officer in terms of courtesy and professionalism and provides the ability to enter a short description of what transpired.  These details are captured for every county in the United States. Citizen race and age information data is also captured.

Additionally, Five-O allows citizens to store the details of each encounter with law enforcement; this provides convenient access to critical information needed for legal action or commendation.”

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White dude in St. Louis named Kevin Miner was wanted for burglary.

He eluded police officers until they conducted a search of a resident’s home and found him.

He attacked both officers, breaking one cop’s hand. The media even alludes to Miner being forced to “fight back” against the police because of how he was being apprehended!

Miraculously, the cops managed not to punch him in the face repeatedly, put him in a chokehold, or shoot him six times including once in the face and once in the head.

He, in fact, barely had a scratch on him.

Imagine that.

The next time someone says to you:

"BUT IT’S NOT ABOUT RACE (Patent Pending)!"

Throw your tea dead in their face Dominique Deveraux-style and pump on away from them like Naomi Campbell.



#this is not an exaggeration okay #children do say this #children do wonder why they can’t find themselves in the media #don’t fucking tell me it doesn’t matter #it matters so much #children NEED to see themselves represented #or else they grow up feeling inferior and not worthy

Today 🏄🌴🌞 (at Siesta Key Beach)

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James Dean and Barbara Glenn